Mobile and Web App Development

Our Team are experienced in developing fully functional and responsive web pages that will ensure you stand out from your competitors. We provide all services to ensure your concept is fully developed and rolled out in a professional manner. By taking any manual process and developing into an electronic format will save countless administration hours, boost your data portfolio and enable you to provide in depth reporting for analysis as well as enhance business decisions. We provide all services to ensure your concept is a fully functional web application.

Your staff can log in and out to ensure they are onsite when they need to be. This will assist in taking out manual sheets and also creating the possibilities of integration into your payroll system.

By entering drivers details and the deliveries they need to make on a daily basis, which can obviously change, the drivers at the vital part of entering their run information, capturing their working hours to assist with Payroll & Timesheets, as well as providing a wealth of data to provide endless.

Do you have tests or exams potential employees need to complete before they pass their interview. We have created a web based application that captures all the required information real time and produces a report within minutes upon completion that can be evaluated instantly.

For many companies there are a lot of paper and process required for Proof of Delivery. From letters to flower deliveries to Hamper deliveries. Ever business wants to ensure they have got the information required for when a customer says they haven’t received their parcel. We have created a very simple and easy POD system that utilises iPads or iPad minis to capture all the delivery details as well as signing on the actual device. This information can be stored electronically for how ever long you require.