The second most requested service that 5 Star Business Solutions provides is Network administration. We can assist with upgrades, installations as well as ongoing maintenance.

Network Administration
Network Administration is to make sure all computer hardware & Network infrastructure related to the businesses data networks are effectively maintained. This includes

  • purchasing of new hardware
  • rollout of new software
  • maintaining disk images for new computer installs
  • software licencing management
  • maintaining servers
  • security breaches
  • poor data management practices
  • as well as monitoring the performance of the overall network

5 Star Business Solutions we pride ourselves on being very proactive with managing Networks.We offer the following services,

  • Network monitoring
  • Testing the network for weakness
  • Keeping an eye out for needed updates
  • Installing and implementing security programs
  • In many cases, E-mail and Internet filters
  • Evaluating implementing network management software

Internet Administration

Get in touch with us today to see how we can assist with managing your Networks or Internet to ensure you are getting the most out of your systems & security.

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