Cloud Computing is all the rage. Having access to the Internet through your portable devices like a smart phone, iPad or Laptop you can access all your business information at any point and no matter where you are. This becomes a valuable tool when you’re in a meeting updating information or working from home all your data is updated and saved in real time.

What is Cloud Computing?
Cloud Computing effectively having all the information you need regardless where you are or what device you have to access it. This is because your data is stored on servers that you have access to via secure connection through the internet. If you get your email on your smart phone there is a good chance you are already using a form of cloud computing. Cloud computing extends further than this from access to your documents to hosting complex web applications via a web browser. Some would also say anything you access outside of your office ia the Internet is ‘within the cloud’.

How can you implement this Cloud Computing?
The primary benefit to smaller businesses the availability of enterprise based technology is accessible via cloud computing. All this at a fraction of the cost of implementing the full system. A example of this is running a fully functional enterprise mailbox for less than you would spend on a take away coffee each week. 5 Star help you reduce your IT costs by implementing the cloud computing that is suitable for your business. Whether it is hosted mailboxes, data storage or web applications. Contact us any time and we can get you utilising the latest cloud computing technology for a fraction of the price.

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